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Welcome to Broken, Alaska! A group of improvisers in Seattle were playing with ideas one night and came up with this show. Each episode has a simple skeleton written, which gives the actors a basic outline of the story and an idea where it needs to go in the half hour we have. Then the actors are set loose, the dialog is made up as we record, and a few light sound effects are added afterward. 

Broken, Alaska is a town of 71 people, each of them a little weirder than the next. People born and raised in Broken have seen more than their share of strange things, and people who've moved up recently all seem to be looking for a second chance or a place to hide. Together, they form a fascinating and funny look at life in a small town. We hope you will enjoy visiting Broken! 

May 10, 2018

We talk with George Birch Wertz about "George's Big Break" and hear some crazy stories about his acting career - the time he met Dolly Parton, Bette Midler, and when he was on "Mad About You"! Seattle loves the Greenwood Car Show, too! Thanks for being Broken, George!